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A Night at the Revamped Siddharta Lounge

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A Night at the Revamped Siddharta Lounge

Siddharta Lounge at Grosvenor House was a highlight among Dubai’s late night hotspots, a sleek and modernistic counterpart to its older sibling, Buddha Bar. After taking a few months off, the chic lounge reopened last week with a slightly revamped look, including an elevated deck and shisha area as well as a rearranged interior. The cool white and gold look has been swapped out for earthier tones of green and gray, but the chilled out vibe remains unchanged.


Image Courtesy of Siddharta Lounge

The menu has also undergone a few alterations, though it still consists of an Asian-Mediterranean blend with a focus on shared dishes and tapas. With a poolside table, a gorgeous view of the surrounding Marina area and some foot-tapping beats in the background, we’re all set for our meal.

We start off with some lovely creamy Burrata served with heirloom tomatoes and Beetroot Salad. They’re not the most adventurous choices, but they get the job done. I do find the lettuce leaves on the salad to be a bit unnecessary, though. At the least they could have been chopped or shredded to not distract from the beetroot.


To follow, there’s a duo of pinchos (Spanish for small snacks) consisting of Vegetable Spring Rolls and Patatas Bravas with chili aioli, and some sushi. Flavor wise, it’s hard to decide which of the pinchos I prefer, though I would give the potatoes a slight edge just for that lovely aioli.

The sushi gives me a bit of a shock when it arrives at the table as each roll appears to be topped with seaweed and finely sliced salmon or tuna. I’m about to mention it to my server when I remember that it’s watermelon sushi. That should be an interesting dish to order with some seafood-loving friends! The salty seaweed is dominant, but the cool sweetness of the watermelon makes its presence felt. The fried tofu filling, however, is completely lost in the mix.


For the main courses, we have Margarita Pizza and Calamarata (ring pasta). The pizza is topped with bocconcino (a type of mozzarella), which has a richer, milkier flavor than regular mozzarella does. It’s well complemented by the pasta, which is mixed with chopped zucchini and chili flakes for a good dose of spice.


We end the night with a sweet and sour combination. Textures of Lemon is a sponge cake topped accompanied by lemon sorbet and lemon cream, resulting in a refreshing, tangy dish that helps to cleanse the palate. We also have the Chocolate Fondant, served with mandarin ice-cream and blood orange segments. Chocolate and orange is a combination that can do no wrong in my eyes, and this dessert easily wins the night.


With a new look that blends sleek modernity with casual comfort, Siddharta Lounge seems set to take over Dubai’s nightlife again, especially with New Year festivities just around the corner. There’s also a good selection of veggie food, whether you’re looking for some light snacks after work or a proper meal.


Veggie Friendly: ✔  Vegan Friendly:
Pros: Good flavors, friendly service, great new look
Cons: Could use some more variety in the vegetarian main courses
Price: $$$ (200 - 500 AED)

Average price for 1 guest without alcohol

share A Night at the Revamped Siddharta Lounge on social media channels

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Sumati Menda
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