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Sumati Menda is the founder of Veggiebuzz and Vegetarian Food Blogger in Dubai

VeggieBuzz is your trusted online discovery tool for great vegetarian food near you. Browse through vegetarian menus for every veggie-friendly restaurant in the UAE or simply read through the curated features and veggie inspired roundups!

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A Message from our Founder Sumati Menda:

Dear fellow veggie lovers,

Having grown up in a family of vegetarians, I have been vegetarian my whole life. I also love to travel, and have eaten at a variety of restaurants the world over, from Michelin-starred restaurants and popular hot spots to neighborhood cafes and hole-in-the wall joints, and just about everything in between! My top priority has always been to seek out delicious vegetarian food wherever I go, without being limited to only vegetarian restaurants.

There are approximately 1.87 million vegetarians in the UAE.  This number is most certainly on the rise, and doesn’t even take into account the people who are part-time vegetarians, or simply interested in making healthier dining choices when they go out.

Veggiebuzz was formed in 2014 with one simple goal: to provide a comprehensive online resource for vegetarian dining. Starting out as a food blog, the concept was expanded and re-launched in 2015.  The website currently caters to vegetarian diners and health enthusiasts in the UAE, with a rapidly growing database that comprises over 4,400 veggie-friendly restaurants from around the country. Users can post their own reviews, vote for their favorite veggie dishes, browse through vegetarian menus for every restaurant listed, or simply read through the curated features and veggie inspired roundups on our blog.

We have tried to create a fun & quirky user experience, so if you have any suggestions or feedback, we would love to hear from you! Otherwise, we urge you to share your reviews with us to help us continue to provide a great resource for our growing veggie-loving community!

Happy #VEGGIEBUZZING! smile emoticon

Sumati Menda

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