Vegan Date & Nut Indian Sweets


    Ingredients for about 25 1-inch balls:

    • 400g dried dates
    • 150g Almonds
    • 150g de-shelled pistachios
    • An additional 20g of de-shelled pistachios for garnishing
    • 5 cardamom pods


    • De-seed the dates and mash them using a rolling pin, and then further mash with your hands until they become like a dough.
    • Finely chop 150g of almonds and 150g of pistachio using a chefs knife or food processor.  Refer to the first 2 pictures below for how they should look once chopped.
    • Separately crush the additional 20g of pistachio using a pestle and mortar until powdere
      d.  They should look like the third picture.
    • Remove the skins of the cardamom and grind the seeds.
    • Mix the chopped almonds, chopped pistachio and ground cardamom seeds into the date dough using your hands, adding each ingredient slowly until evenly distributed.
    • Roll the dough into approximately 25 1-inch balls.
    • Spread the remaining crushed pistachio onto a large plate and roll each ball around in the powder until coated evenly.
    • Serve in a decorative container in mini cupcake liners.